Accident Cases - Product Liability


Product LiabilityA product is defective if it does not work or fails to do what it was designed to do, but a personal injury case based on products liability usually requires an additional element: that the client was physically injured as a direct result of the product's defective character.


For example, power tools can often be the source of serious injury when they either malfunction or have something in their design that is inherently dangerous.


All the countless products that people buy, from tires to toys, can have defects that cause injury, from serious accidents at freeway speeds when a defective tire blows out to toys whose defective design injures children for whose enjoyment they were made. No manufacturer deliberately markets a defective product, but when injuries result from such defects, those who made or sold the product are often adamant in their refusal to accept liability.


If you have sustained serious injuries that were caused by a defective product, give us a call. We will be happy to review the facts and circumstances and move forward if we feel we can obtain a settlement on your behalf.